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Spanish Language Classes

class photoA language school since its inception, El Taller's conversation-focused Spanish classes have been recognized by The Village Voice, The Daily News, The Columbia Spectator and hundreds of satisfied students as among the best and most effective in the City. For more than three decades, numerous organizations and corporations including Montefiore Hospital, the New York Public Library, and Penguin Publishing have entrusted El Taller with teaching Spanish to their employees.

Originated by our Founder Bernardo Palombo and developed over more than three decades of teaching, El Taller’s unique approach continues to be refined in the living laboratory of our classrooms.

Our students learn Spanish of The Americas™, developing the most important aspect of the Spanish language—the mastery of vowel pronunciation and the significance of those sounds to articulate the past, present, and future.

Sound and dialogue are the basis of our methodology. Because nouns differ from one Latin American country to another, the emphasis is placed on the verb—using sound and dialogue to get students to communicate and converse more quickly than they ever thought possible.

Classes are divided into two parts. The first half gives students a structured lesson in verb conjugation and grammar, while the second half is dedicated to practicing and developing conversational ability, through acoustics and dialogue. This unique methodology, along with a rich curriculum that includes music, poetry, and art, gives students exposure to a wide variety of words, accents, and useful idiomatic phrases from throughout The Americas.

El Taller offers Spanish language classes at all levels from Beginner to Advanced, at a variety of times and settings:

Special Activities Supplement Our Language Classes

class photoEl Taller's students benefit from a living curriculum including concerts, art exhibits, readings, dance presentations and a variety of other activities that focus on the cultures of Latin America. We offer:

  • Poetry and literature readings
  • A regular schedule of Latin music and movies
  • Latin dance classes

Questions? Send us an or call us any weekday between 9:30am and 5:30pm at (212) 665-9460.

There is something magical about El Taller. Before you even enter the door your senses are stimulated by the riot of color on the stairs. When I first walked in I had never taken a Spanish class. After only six months I can now understand, read, speak, and sing, well enough to know that I could navigate in any Spanish-speaking country.

How does El Taller do it? The idea that language can be taught as music is the key. I no longer have to think about which tense to use because I can hear the "song" in my head that tells me: Cuando cante, cantaré. Si cantara, cantaría.

It is not just the method of teaching the language that makes El Taller such a special place. It is also the feeling of warmth and acceptance, the feeling that you are being taken to the heart of a loving family. There are so many ways to enjoy El Taller, from language classes to salsa lessons, art exhibits to musical performances. I feel so fortunate to quotehave discovered this extraordinary community.

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