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quoteThere is something magical about El Taller. After only six months I can now understand, read, speak, and sing, well enough to navigate in any Spanish-speaking country.... I feel so fortunate to have discovered this extraordinary community.
        -Lauren Taylor, Adjunct Lecturer, Columbia University School of Social Work


  • El Taller Latino Americano participated in the 2016 Morgan Stanley Strategy Challenge. Read more about this exciting opportunity in English or in Spanish.
  • The 2016 class schedule is up! Click here to download.
  • Children's Classes at El Taller resume this September! Tuesdays at 4pm and Saturdays at 12pm. This year we are expanding our offerings to include Young Adult and Mommy & Me classes. Call the office to register.
  • House of Health: Come to El Taller on Tuesdays at 3pm for classes in Tai Gong with Wolfe Glass.
    Tai Gong is a new form of exercise that combines Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Healing Sounds. The first session is free, following classes cost $10. Click here for more information.

What's new at the Grady Alexis Gallery?

  • Unidos - United will be on exhibit at El Taller's Grady Alexis Gallery from September 7 - September 27, 2016. Join us for an opening reception on Wednesday, September 7 from 6pm to 11pm. Click here for more information.

El Taller Latino Americano, or The Latin American Workshop is a space alive with color, sound, movement, and creativity; where music, art, and language converge to educate and entertain.

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